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A kid will retain some subset of their parents' values, although they may extend it by adding additional values they acquired from their environment.

I don't like to argue the way you argue.
You want to collapse everything into strong positions,
and then analyze them rigorously against each other.

I want to state a bunch of possible positions
and use them to analyze the problem,
looking at it from the angle of each of them,
looking for the truth suspended in the middle.
They might disagree, but they don't contradict.

Your answer is a scalar, integer, positive or negative.
My answer is an iterative function,
intimately sensitive to its inputs,
and I don't have the math that calculates its fractal limit.

This is why we swerve and miss,
trying to butt heads,
trying to argue sustainability.
I was never trying for rigor.
It would be boring to learn to argue.

Oddly enough, this is also my religion.
This is the way I believe in God.

If you turn on the bright lights and dissect everything on the operating table,
there is no hope left.
There is no life left.
Where there is life there's mystery.
If you want a motivation with magic in it,
it must be less than coldly calculated,
guessed at, hinted at,
so obvious that there are no words
to defend or refute it.
It leads without telling you,
and in its own way, it is just as true
as algebra.


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