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Lord, in the morning you hear my voice ascending high...

In love's absence,
I fill my life to overflowing,
bringing back bright clutter to fill the spaces.
The myriad things whisper as if they know the meanings.
My nights and weekends are full of the chase,
singing and dancing to too many gods,
seeking knowledge and wisdom in the pattern.
My hands are full of the cords that bind me in the web,
and I am too busy to let go, too busy to keep touch,
to do anything but hold them.
In the mornings I run smiling between buildings and trees,
basking in the blessings of strangers.
And life is replete with splendor.

I make my nest like a dragon on her gold,
settling my limbs among the myriad things.
The tired animal walks in circles to flatten the pieces,
curling smaller and tighter into the center.
Sleepily I judge it a good life,
and only half-worry —
is there room for you?

I imagine love would make life easier.
Love would wash the dishes, mop the floor.
Love would not leave his dirty socks under my couch,
or empty corn-chip bags on my kitchen table.
As I wash the dishes, as I carry bags of laundry,
I know that my dreams lie.

I imagine that I can learn here.
Teach me to walk lightly in the world,
to need scant food, few trees, and seldom touches.
Teach me to dance in the between places, to sing in the between times,
making my own light.
Teach me to see brightness and purpose
in this veil that separates us.
And teach me to weave wholeness from necessities,
and not to worry so much about the danger of being whole.


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