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What would a global earthseed look like?
    What would a national movement look like?
      Would it minister to people one-on-one,
          small, community-based, giving them
            useful work, meaningful lives?
      Would we advertise on the subway
          about the loneliness of the soul?
            invite you to a free dinner
              where we present our ideas —
                but this one would be a potluck
                  and none of the ideas would be Christian.

I believe in chaos theory — you can change the world in a tiny way.
I believe in Gaia — the emergent life of the planet,
        evolved into balance.
    If we are all a group of runaway cells,
        reproducing endlessly, consuming all Her resources —
            are we cancer? endometriosis?
            or simply the reproductive system?
            It needs to send its seed out into the galaxy
            in case it will take root.

Earthseed is a pessimistic Discordianism,
    a kind of Gaian Gnosticism,
      the demiurge plotting, the only constant
          the fluctuations that will upset our equilibrium.

What do I — city-bred, city-raised, city-dwelling —
  know about connections and communities? Can we do this in the city?
    What do I do to help?
    What is it we are doing?
    Does a community of women make the same Earthseed as one of men?
    I can give time but not money — tell me how to send skill and energy.
    How to bring about the next age.

We will make new life a sacrament.
    The planting of seeds, harvesting, eating, giving birth.
    We will make the flesh offerings sacraments — blood and organs, sperm and eggs.
    We will raise wise children.

Maybe we will worship electricity.

The race is mature —
    we found language and writing,
    we leaned to defend ourselves in frost and water,
    found how to split the atom — and survived it,
      the test whose failure is the destruction of the spheres.

And I have heard it proposed — Barack Obama for space pope.
    Bring us a change we can believe in!
    We have run out of room to expand,
      betting on the growth of the economy,
      but at some point there is nowhere to grow but out.

You cannot have Earthseed without a religion.
    What else is there to do?
    We can't build rockets all at once,
    talk about the constant of change
    without acknowledging that change is God.
    Respect Oya,
    she who is sudden devastating change,
    she who is Teresa of Avila,
    whose God never changes.
You cannot have Earthseed without knowing who she is:
    the storm, the wildfire that seasons the seeds,
    the struggle that forces us to create,
    that keeps us from losing knowledge in our complacency.

I believe in energy and intention.
    chaos and future,
    the interconnected web, the sentience of seafoam,
    the importance of not living forever,
    or else it all has no meaning.

Teach me to teach you,
  and I will follow me.
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