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Philadelphia at dark.
Tonight there were no drunks at 3 AM.
One time they asked for $7.50 to get to Doylestown;
they left with two subway tokens and trolley directions.
Cabs prowl the cold streets, solicitous, but I walk my mile
towards the violet lights of Penn Center and the trains.

Chill — my sister says
this is the time of year when we'd wish the college would turn the heat on already.

Delaware at dawn.
Standard time has given me back the sun.
She rises rose over the Delaware, limning the trees black,
tinting the edges of the silver soap-bubble sky.
Rising over the river, over the trees and archways and football fields of struggle,
rose into white-blue into pink-violet.
I always loved the sky here,
and when it is dark again, there are stars.

I work late, untangling the hydras' necks,
gently unclenching the ourobouros' jaws from his severed tail.
Frayed ends sprawl, copper-bright. I pack and label.
At the end it is still chaos —
but now the chaos is mine.

Delaware at dusk.
This is my day; this is my life; this is all I am:
a vessel.
I go to church and they tell me to channel love,
but I am worn thin from channeling science.
Letting it flow in my eyes, through my synapses,
pouring science in the air,
equations like tangled braids with sparks flying.

It flows haltingly: I am young and the channels it cuts are new.
But for now — this is the only One I serve.


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